Image: Exhaust Gas Cleaning Solutions

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Solutions

The International Maritime Organization has set a global limit for sulphur in fuel oil used on board ships* from 1 January 2020.

In collaboration with our partner Bluesoul, we offer tailored and cost-effective exhaust gas cleaning system solutions to our clients, ensuring IMO 2020 obligations are fulfilled.

To find out more please visit our dedicated Exhaust Gas Cleaning Solutions page. 

*of 0.50% m/m (mass by mass)

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Image: Concept Design

Concept Design

At the early stage of design, our clients benefit from the collaboration of Tritec Marine’s in-house industry leading specialists. A feasible solution with demonstrable benefits is the very minimum of our aspirations. We aim to inspire.

Elevating concept design to a basic design package which can be submitted for shipyard tender and class approval.

Image: Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering

Combining cutting edge technology with trusted technical experience, our services offer more than conventional solutions.

3D Scanning

Spaces and environments are captured to the highest degree of accuracy and replicated digitally using 3D scanning technology.

Virtual Reality Engineering

Interactive 3D environments lend themselves to feasibility studies, virtual prototyping, high level design approval, as well as demonstrating complex engineering data in real world state. Our services are equally applicable to maritime, offshore and marine renewable industries.

Virtual Reality 3D Training Simulation

Our highly immersive on-board simulations offer authentic real life scenarios while ensuring the safety of the trainee and the integrity of the vessel.

Image: Shipbuilding Supervision

Shipbuilding Supervision

Offering a complete package of new build management services for marine and offshore assets, Tritec Marine ensures a quality delivery into service within budget and on schedule.

Construction Supervision

Our skilled, experienced inspection teams are deployed globally to all international shipyards.

FEED and Design Approval

Core team of skilled Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and Marine Specialists undertake design review.

Project Execution Planning

Dedicated in house quality assurance system covering all new build HSEQ activities.

Project Support Office

Providing centralised document control, personnel, payroll, travel and visa management.

Image: Digital Media

Digital Media

Creating impact and elevating knowledge of a design using the power of digital media.

Tritec Marine brings existing designs or concepts to life using digital media, capturing the attention of charterers, financiers and other marine and offshore partners.

3D visualisation and 3D animation techniques create powerful and accurate visual representation of a design or concept.

Instructive technical operational manuals for marine and offshore transportation.